Holiday Program

With the Holiday Adopt-A-Family program, Delawareans can help bring the holiday spirit to thousands of Delaware children, adults, people with disabilities and seniors in need. Each holiday season from October to December, donors are anonymously matched to a senior, individual with a disability or a family of one or more children through the Holiday Adopt-A-Family program. Adopt-A-Family provides the donor with the age and gender of each child in the family and a brief description of the circumstances that led to their need for assistance. The donor then provides gift cards or certificates for the head-of-household to use in buying holiday gifts. The recommended gift is $100 per child, with a gift certificate for the parent optional but thoughtful.

“Through a simple gift, we can touch the hearts of children and their families or seniors in a nursing home. One act can have a powerful impact, especially for those most vulnerable this holiday season. I encourage people to reach out through Adopt-A-Family and showcase the best of our community holiday spirit.”

- Jack Markell

Delaware Governor

Previously with this program we have helped more than 2,500 families and individuals during the holiday season. Most of the beneficiaries are single-parent households, children, adults with disabilities, and senior citizens.