Adopt-A-Family is a referral-based program and we do not accept self-referrals or telephone referrals.  All families who believe they may benefit from one of our programs must visit their local State Service Center, or other Social Service Agency for general assistance.  During this process, if a worker believes that Adopt-A-Family can help meet a family need, they may send a referral for assistance.  We also accept referrals from behavioral workers, family crisis therapists, school nurses and school counselors.

Holiday Referrals are only accepted by a pre-approved list of referring agencies.

Once we process a referral, the social worker is notified.  A family will only receive communication if we are able to assist with their need. 

Adopt-A-Family accepts donations in all forms.  A donor may support with a designated or undesignated donation.

  • In-Kind (for Adopt-A-Mom and Household Item/Personal hygiene programs)
  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Online through PayPal
  • Online through iGive
  • Gift Cards for Adopt-A-Student Uniform Program
  • Gift Cards for Holiday Program

Adopt-A-Mom (In-Kind contributions of baby toiletries, diapers, baby wipes, small toys, etc. -  Please note: we do not accept car seats)
Household Items: Everything for Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas of the household. Small kitchen appliances are accepted.
Personal items:  Everything from toothbrushes, toothpaste, grooming supplies, personal hygiene items, etc.
Adopt-A-Student program accepts gift cards for uniforms and school supplies from June through September.
Holiday Program accepts gift cards for children ($100/per child) and tangible gifts from a “Wish List” for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities.  

Find out more about donations here!

2. Will my donation help families outside of Delaware?

2. Is there a specific form needed to make a referral?

For Families

2. Do I have to be receiving government aid to receive assistance?

1. How can I get a referral?

Adopt-A-Family is a donation-based program.  Therefore, assistance is not guaranteed.  We can only help if we have received the donations necessary to assist with your need.

5. How do I know if I will receive help?

All donations are used to help families who live in the State of Delaware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the crisis and ability to assist numerous families who need assistance, a family may receive assistance from Adopt-A-Family once a year for each program for which they are eligible.  

For Referring Agencies

Adopt-A-Family provides one-time assistance to each family in a twelve month period.  However, a family may be referred to each program, if needed.

1. How can I make a donation?

4. Do you take any holiday referrals?

Any agency that works with vulnerable families and can verify the family income and circumstance, with appropriate documentation, may refer a family for assistance.  

3. May I refer the same family more than once a year?

For Donors

Yes.  If you are not currently on the Adopt-A-Family list as a referring agency, please contact us for the most updated referral information.

3. Is assistance guaranteed?

4. How often may I receive assistance?

1. Can I make a referral to Adopt-A-Family?

No.  You do not have to be receiving government assistance to get help from Adopt-A-Family.